Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fat Grafting Complete!

I had my fat grafting surgery on 12/20. It went wonderfully and the pain was very minimal.
I took pain pills the first night and was able to get by on just Tylenol after that.
I received a super sexy compression garment that I have to wear around the clock for two weeks.
It goes to my knees and up to my boobs. It's Spanx x50 and is NOT comfortable.
Because I haven't blogged in so long, tomorrow is actually the end of my two weeks..I won't miss my grandma girdle one bit.

Here is a picture of me getting ready for surgery. My husband and dad were at my surgery. My mom, thankfully, stayed with our kids.
Dr. Migliori prepped me for *hopefully* the last time.
I love that man but if I never see him again, that's okay with me.

Here is me soon after surgery. Groggy, bruised and swollen is never pretty....and yet I still post it.
I have no shame. :)
The bandages show where the fat from my thighs and stomach were injected. I have eight little puncture wounds total, four on my boobs, two on my hips and two on my stomach. Each hole has two sutures.

I'm rocking some pretty rad bruises on my thighs also. They got much worse a few days after this; however, it's not too painful.
For the record, liposuction obviously doesn't remove cellulite. Again, I can't believe I'm posting this.

I really like my new boobs. I'm extremely happy with Dr. Migs work, as usual, and I'm glad I decided to do the grafting.

So, I'm done with everything for now.
I'm relieved, but still feel uneasy.
More than anything, I'm thankful.
2013 is going to be my year.


  1. You look great. Cheers to 2013 :)

  2. I had contouring lipo done via vaser lipo when I had the TT and holy hells bells. The only really awful bruise I had, was on my lower hip/ thigh region. It took almost five weeks for it to go away. I hope you heal up much faster! Your new bewbs look fantastic. And honestly, your thighs are pretty slim and hot, too xoxo

  3. Hi, Angela! I admire your bravery for putting these pictures up. A lot of people deny having done any work on their body, but you show yours proudly. I'm pretty sure it's because the results have made you into a happier woman after fighting breast cancer. You look great, and I hope you're owning 2013 just as you intended. :)