Thursday, January 28, 2016

Here We Go Again!

Hi Again!
Anyone still here?
I know..... I didn't ever want to come back either.

Well, I made it 3 whole years cancer-free. I had finally stopped thinking about it coming back and that's when it did. Cancer is sneaky like that.

Rewind to December. I had a nasty upper respiratory infection / possible Pneumonia that I never got checked because my entire family was sick and mom's go to the doctor last.

While in Sioux Falls over Christmas, I experienced a ton of chest pain and I thought I had possibly broken some ribs from coughing. We visited acute care on 12/26 and after a chest scan, I was told my lungs were clear and it was just Costochronditis.

I made it a few more weeks before it hurt to sneeze, cough, bend down, sleep and sometimes breathe. I visited my chiropractor numerous times, but the pain always came right back.

My gut told me it was probably more serious than Costo, so I called my oncologist to request a PET scan. I hadn't had one since I received the all-clear 3 years ago and I didn't really expect the grim news I received.

I had my scan on Monday morning and received a call that evening from my oncologist that my cancer had returned in multiple places throughout my bones and liver. I was scheduled for a liver biopsy, which took place this morning.

Once the results are in, we will know what treatment options are available and where to start. I have numerous appointments next week with oncologists all over Minnesota and I am seriously considering seeking treatment at MD Anderson in Houston if I qualify for a trial.

Never a dull moment.

The second we announced the cancer returned, we began receiving an outpouring of love and prayers from everyone around us. We needed that. We are at peace with what we will hear next week, although we are disappointed that I am now Stage IV, and therefore, no longer curable.

God still has a plan for me.

Liver in a cup--yum!