Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hell Week

We're halfway through Hell Week and it hasn't even been that bad yet!

After numerous meetings with potential doctors, I have chosen my new Dream Team. I will be receiving cancer treatment care from Dr. Ali at Minnesota Oncology.

The chemo cocktail we are trying first will be Taxotere-Carboplatin-Herceptin-Perjeta. My port will be surgically implanted tomorrow at U of M and I am scheduled to start chemo on Friday morning in Fridley. 
I will do two cycles of TCH+P and then rescan. After six cycles, if the tumors have shrunk, I will continue with just the Herceptin-Perjeta for as long as the drug works. When it stops working, we go to plan B. 

The sucky part about Stage IV is the "when" vs. "if." Doctors don't say "if the treatment stops working" like they used to. They now all say, "when it stops working."
I get it- but I would really just like everyone to put their positive pants on for a bit longer.

I have also begun a (legal) daily cannibis oil treatment. I will be updosing daily beginning at 10mg THC plus CBD up to 1000 mg THC plus CBD. That should occur 23 days from now. Once at the 1000 mg, I will stay at that dose for three months and then begin a maintenance dose. I have chosen this treatment in addition to chemo because I know it will work for eliminating my tumors, reducing nausea and hopefully managing my pain. If I were ballsier and older, I would do this instead of chemo...but I'm not. 
Dr. Feel Good

My dad is still here and will be for quite some time. Eric is still working as much as possible while getting me to where I need to be and the kids are still doing the school thing- with thanks to Stacy.
Our bellies have been filled by neighbors and friends and our hearts are full from all of you.

You are amazing. XOXO


  1. YOU are amazing, I love you to pieces and haven't stopped praying. You are teaching me a lot about grace & strength and fighting. Xo!!
    -Christi C

  2. Your strength astounds me and I feel so blessed to know you. Truly.

  3. Thatta girl! You are mega triumphant - and killing this disease with grace and powerhouse strength! Keep it up beautiful, victory laps are in the process :)

  4. hello there. I hope you see this. I am so sorry for what's happening to you. I feel like you're my soul sister. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. and my second breast cancer at 30 in 2016. I pray that everything is going well for you. thank you for sharing. it really helped me out, and truly made a difference with me. :) just wanted you to know.

  5. It's been quite some time since you've posted an update. I've been a quiet supporter for a while. Hoping you are doing well. Xo

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  7. Hoping your treatments are working and read more from you. ����

  8. Hi! I was looking for mastectomy and expanders. Curios to see what i will look like once my surgery gets here. Your look great! How are you doing now?