Monday, September 19, 2011

Cancer isn't much fun.

This weekend is the first weekend since my diagnosis that I have actually felt incapacitated. I don't know if it was the chemo or the new shot, but I was a wreck.
I felt like I had the worst flu of my life. I also felt like I had been in a terrible car accident. My bones have never hurt so bad in my life.
I missed Karsyn's soccer game and Eric's work picnic on Saturday. I was pretty bummed.

We had been able to avoid "the talk" with the kids up to this point. They knew that Mom had a "button" for the medicine to go in to and that I had to sometimes go to appointments, but that was the extent. They had heard the word "cancer" thrown around, but hadn't asked for more details.

After realizing that I'm sure this won't be the only weekend that I'm out of commission, the kids needed more of an explanation. I checked out a few books from Minnesota Oncology and Eric read them to the kids while I listened.
We made it halfway through the first book before Houston yelled, "Mom, you have CANCER!" You could just see the light bulb when he said it. It was like everything was finally making sense. Chase doesn't say much. Karsyn likes to think about my illness in terms of seasons. "Mom will be sick in the fall, winter and part of the spring...but she'll be better by summer!"

I think they understand now that Mom will have good days and bad days. I just need to work hard to make sure that on my good days, I make the most of them.

Today's a pretty good day.
We're going to make some memories. :)


  1. Gosh, you and Eric are amazing parents. I'm in awe of how well you've handled this subject with your kids. I admire you so much.
    Hang in there on those bad days. I'm so sorry you felt so crummy over the weekend. Hopefully those days are very few and far between. Lots of love girlfriend...

  2. I love Karsyn's thinking...I'm with her :)

  3. Sorry you had a rough weekend. I am glad you're feeling good today.

    Your kids are amazing, just like you and Eric. Love you!!

  4. I prayed that you would be better and will!I will be there next weekend along with Brandon and family if you are up to it for Karsyn's birthday,hang in there,Love Dad

  5. I'm with Annie, you guys do an amazing job. Your kids are so lucky to have you ... and in no time, this will all be a distant memory for all of you!

  6. Hi there,

    I saw a link to your blog on a local Run For The Cure site. I've read a little bit here and just wanted to send a quick comment... I think you and and your husband must be doing a fantastic job with everything going on, and I wish many you get well soons!

  7. Love, hugs and prayers to you and your beautiful family.

  8. Your strength is absolutely amazing. As always, you remain in my thoughts and prayers.