Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lock Down

I received my MUGA heart scan results today. The doctor said that my number is low because I'm "fit."
Because I'm "fit"and my numbers are a little low, I was unable to start the desired chemo last week. I, instead, started an equally awesome regimen, but the initially planned one would have given me about a 1% better chance of survival- but is harder on the heart. I'm 100% sure that I'm too stubborn to die, so I'm okay venturing on without that 1% safety net.
I think it's pretty sucky to be penalized for working out. I'll remember that when I'm healthy again. ;)

I feel pretty confident in my doctors and the decisions that we have made so far. I can already feel a difference in the lump. Yay!

For those who have asked, my chemo is Taxotere, Carboplatin and Herceptin. It requires weekly blood testing, but has minimal risk for heart toxicity and leukemia. It is supposed to cause more fatigue, but I haven't noticed too much yet.

I had my one week check up blood test today. My mouth has been pretty sore and my skin is a wreck. I still haven't had much nausea or other crazy side effects.
My blood test showed that my white blood cell count is pretty low. It is supposed to be in the range of 3.0-8.9 (x10^3/uL). Today, mine was 1.5. Ugh.

The purpose of white blood cells is to defend the body against infectious diseases and foreign materials. Unfortunately, while my chemo is busy killing off my cancer cells, it's also destroying my good cells.
This was expected and is the reason for the weekly checks.

In order to get my next chemotherapy on 9/15, my WBC HAS to be in the normal range. I'm really hoping to not have any/many delays in treatment. I don't want to have this stupid cancer any longer than I have to.

Because of this, I'm on a pretty strict lock down with visitors and germs. This unfortunately means that I will have to stay out of Target.
It also means that I might not be able to visit with you if you stop by. Hopefully, this will be short lived.

I was put on an antibiotic to help me stay healthy and was also given a prescription for "Magic Mouthwash'. It is supposed to clear up my mouth sores. I haven't tried it yet, but I will venture to guess that it's not going to taste that great.

Thanks for following my progress and for your positive comments. You are all rock stars. :)
Love you!


  1.! I've been waiting for the okay to come visit. Can I just come and look at you through the windows? :)

    I'm always thinking about you and praying. You are a fighter, so you're right that 1% isn't going to make a difference.


  2. Of course you can, you creeper. :)
    I'm excited to see you again too. It's been too long.

  3. Hang in there! You are doing great!

  4. No Target, Angela!!!?!?! Well, you've done it before - you can do it again! I will stay out of Target, too, just because you can't go ;) I pray for you and think of you so often!!! xoxo KImmie

  5. lol... I am sorry but now I am picturing Jamie as your peeping Tom.
    I am sorry your are on lockdown... this may require some amazon shopping :)

  6. I have had "Magic Mouthwash" before. It isn't too bad and it really helps your mouth feel better. I don't remember what is in it exactly, but nothing too crazy.

    I love reading your blog. Praying for you, and know you are going to prevail. Your positive outlook it contagious. Sending you cyber hugs!!!

  7. NO TARGET?!?! Cancer has gone TOO FAR THIS TIME! Messin' with a woman's shopping is crossing the line!! Glad your spirits are up!

  8. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday (all day) Ang (and family). You are an inspiration to all of us, and you WILL go all the way with this! Love you guys!

  9. Pam has a link in her blog to you, and I just wanted to stop by and wish you the very best in your journey. She's right that you're just amazing.

  10. Angela- I was just going to suggest the magic mouthwash. I have had so many patients use it and love it. Glad you are powering through. Thinking of you daily and excited to plan an Angela's In Remission Extravaganza!!!!

  11. I was going to recommend Magic Mouthwash too and then I read that you've got it. You should know that each pharmacist makes their own, so if you find a version you like, always get it from the same place.

    And, can I just say? Damn! I was always right: Exercise is dangerous. ;-)

  12. Love you Angela!!!
    Randi Booth

  13. I came to your blog from Esther and I wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you throughout your journey.

    Good luck with the Target-withdraw. That place can definitely be addictive!