Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chemo # 4.... 2/3 done!

I had another good chemo appointment today. My blood counts were great so we were able to stay on treatment schedule.
The doctor examined my chest and lymph nodes again and still found no signs of tumors. Yay!

I have been having a lot of migraines and headaches lately, usually following the Neulasta shot. I will be getting the shot again tomorrow afternoon and am not looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, headaches and nausea can also be signs of brain tumors, so I will be getting a head MRI scan tomorrow morning. It will probably be a few days before the results are in.
I'm sure they're just medicine induced, but if you have any prayers left in you for the day...I would sure appreciate them.
I cannot even imagine another diagnosis right now.

The clinic also will be scheduling my second full body PET scan and Echo heart test for sometime in November before my sixth treatment.
These will check to make sure my heart wasn't affected too much by the chemotherapy and will also show any occurrences of old/new cancer.
Cancer cells show up as 'hot spots'. Fingers crossed that there are no hot spots and I'm one of the lucky ones that responded to the chemo.

Dr. Hartung said if the cancer is gone at the time of the PET scan, that it's an absolute possibility that I could change my action plan and just have a lumpectomy of the prior tumor area instead of a bilateral mastectomy.

I thought about it for about a tenth of a second before telling her that there wasn't a chance in hell of anyone leaving these ticking time bombs attached to my body for any longer than what is absolutely necessary.

There's really not substantial statistics yet that show that I would have a lower risk of a recurrence by having them completely removed, but I'm more comfortable sticking to the original plan.
At some point, if the studies DO show that, I don't want to wish that I had just done it before.

I just want these suckers gone.
Surgery is still scheduled for January 3.

2/3 done....Wow.
I still have a long road ahead, but we can do it!

Thanks again for all of your support. Love you!

Yes, I went to my appointment bald today. The nurses were soooo surprised that I didn't wear a fun wig like usual.
Honestly, the menopause induced hot flashes are keeping me up all night and making wigs almost unbearable most of the time. I'm hoping this is all short lived.

Check out this great bracelet I got from my friend, Lindsi.
I looked at it a lot today. Here's my favorite part.

Along with the tons of facebook messages, emails and texts today while I was at my appointment, I also received this awesome pic.
My friend, Amy, carved this at the Zoo Boo today.

It means so much to me that all of you care so much to take time out of your busy days to fit in some time for me.
You are all amazing people.