Monday, October 31, 2011


MRI results are brain is ok! I'm so relieved and thankful. I can't even imagine getting any other news but this. Today's a good day. Thank you for your prayers! :)

I will continue taking the anti-nausea meds and migraine pills for as long as needed to keep the headaches under control. Hopefully they will leave as soon as I finish the last big chemo in December.

They seem to be triggered by the Neulasta shot.
That stupid shot causes me more problems than the chemo itself...but it's necessary.

I try to stay positive, but I hate, hate, hate that shot. It's amazingly sucky that a tiny shot in the stomach can cause such intense headaches, exhaustion and bone pain. It's horrible.

Just two more left.
I hope I can handle it.


  1. You CAN handle it because you ARE strong and we all love you,Love,Dad

  2. That is the beat news ever Angela!!! I'm so relieved for you<3

  3. Wow! I just came along your blog and swear you could be my twin. I was Dx at age 31 with breast cancer 9.14.2010 (my daughters 5th bday). While reading your blog I cried and laughed. I hate, hate, HATE the Neulasta shot too. I called it the dreadful good shot. In the past year I've gone thru 5 surgeries (complications) starting with double mastectomies . 4 rounds of Adrimycin (red stuff) every 2 wks. 12 rounds of Cytoxin Weekly . I'm now in the expansion phase. Hysterectomy will be next month and implants in Feb 2012. I feel like your blogging my thoughts & feelings! Take it day by day! I will be praying for you and know that God loves you so much and He has a plan & purpose for you!

  4. I know you hate those shots, and I hate that you have to take them. 2 left and they will be a distant memory some day.
    I love your quote. I actually used that quote once when I was pregnant :)

  5. Yay for the good news!!! I am sorry those shots are so shitty, but you will get through are one tough chick XOXOX

  6. Thank God! That is amazing and wonderful news!