Monday, December 26, 2011

Enjoying NED

So, I had the most relaxing Christmas to date. I didn't really care what time we ate or what time we opened gifts. I normally run a pretty tight ship and have our days planned to the minute.

I am REALLY glad that I called for the results prior to Christmas. It took such a load off me and everyone else. We had a wonderful stress-free holiday and enjoyed each other.

I am so appreciative of all the messages I received regarding my good news. You guys are the best cheerleaders!

I have been talking to other cancer survivors to see how they explain their "status" to people.
It's odd. A week ago, I had breast I don't, yet I still have to have surgery and radiation.

Here's the deal.
I am currently NED. That stands for No Evidence of Disease. (YAY!!)
Breast cancer patients are never really in remission, so NED is the best we can hope for.
I will still have surgery and radiation because the scans can not see all the microscopic cancer cells that may still exist. We need to zap everything that isn't visible.
Next Tuesday is the big day.

This week is filled with all my pre-op appointments with my surgeons. I will have blood tests and another EKG to make sure my heart is stable enough for surgery.

While I'm not excited for the pain I will be in following surgery, I am ready to just get it done with.
It's just another hurdle I want cleared.

I recently started getting acupuncture. I had my second appointment today.
Studies show acupuncture may help relieve fatigue, control hot flashes, help decrease nausea and lessen pain.
I do this in addition to weekly adjustments from my chiropractor. I don't know yet that it's helped, but it sure hasn't hurt.

I hope you all had a blessed holiday!


  1. YAY, I love NED!
    I think it's worth a shot to try the holistic health. We've been using it on our little guy for years and who knows, maybe it's added to the progress?

    Again, I'm loving NED on ya!