Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's a girl!

My hair is really growing! I'm even getting some hair around my ears, so it will soon look like I'm just a short haired woman when I wear hats rather than a bald dude.
Follicles, represent!
My eyebrows and lashes are still pretty fugly. I don't bother trying to comb or pencil them in. I just make them look worse.

The chemo fog has lifted for the most part. My mouth is still sore, but no nausea today. I don't even have a headache. Yay!

Unfortunately, my heart has been doing weird flips today. It hasn't been ER-worthy yet, so hopefully it's nothing.

Speaking of, I had an MRI yesterday on my heart. It took forever.
Normally, my scans have taken 30 minutes tops and usually ended with me being woken up by the table being moved. This one lasted 90 minutes and went something like this:

Tech: "Hold your breath." (machine makes crazy loud jack hammering sounds while I turn purple from lack of oxygen)
"Ok, breathe."

Me: You're trying to kill me.

Rinse, lather, repeat for what seemed like 3 hours. It was miserable and I hope to not repeat it any time soon.

I should have results back in a few days. Hopefully, I still just have low ejection fraction and no new complications.
My wonky heart will be checked again in three months via Echocardiogram if there's no new craziness going on in there.

Mom and I took the kids to the park today.
We're enjoying the abnormally nice weather here in Minnesota before we get our typical ridiculous amount of snow dumped on us. I'm sure that will be in the very near future.
We even found some pretty marvelous sticks to take home to use as snowman arms.

One of these days, I'm moving to Texas.


  1. It WAS nice today wasn't it?
    Hey, if you need advice on penciling in eyebrows, I'm your woman!

  2. You're having awesome weather too, Annie? How lucky are we? YES, I need tons of help with the eyebrow thing. The fact that I have half an eyebrow complicates things. I might be better off just plucking that part off and starting fresh. I can't get the color matched and I just look ridiculous.

  3. MRIs suck! I just had a 30 minute one for my back and it was miserable. The no-breathing thing was the worst part. It just made me want to breathe very deeply. :)

    Louisiana has better weather than Texas! :D

  4. I agree on the breathing part, Pam.

    I should really check out Louisiana some time. I'm just afraid I would start to talk like Holly. Kidding, Hol!

  5. I'll be waiting for you Ang!
    And so will T if she ever gets her butt down here :)

    Take care girlie!

  6. HA!!! You are so funny! Love it!

  7. YES! Move to Texas!! It's nice and warm here, we played outside yesterday til about 6:30pm, it was lovely.