Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Safety First!

I was just reminded by my parents about the bummer part of my appointment today.

Since my mastectomy surgery is less than one month away, we can't risk my counts being low like they were on Monday.

That means that I'm on lock down until January to curb some of my exposure to germs.

I will be allowed to go to necessary appointments sporting my sexy mask, but that's it.

The kids will still go to school, of course, but will be scrubbed down the second they get home. I will also not be the one taking or picking them up.

My mom is going to be back living with us for quite some time. She and Eric will be taking care of the carpooling and kids activities.

They have also told me that I will not be making it to any holiday parties this year.
I suddenly don't feel 32 anymore.

I'm going to let them and God run the show this month to get me through this.

I tend to over do it and would probably blow it right before my surgery. I'm going to rest up and hopefully avoid all these crazy viruses going around.

Stay well, my friends!! <3


  1. I guess you'll have to hang out with us on FB and the multiple mama boards more often...:-) Hey, have you heard of the tv show "The Tudors?" I'm planning on getting into would be a good time to get in all those shows and read those books since you'll be taking it a bit easy.

  2. It's only temporary and it's for the best! Hang in there!

  3. Angela, you're amazing & so is your family. Rest up dear and take care of yourself. You deserve it.