Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good Intentions

It is finally snowing in Minnesota.
I don't mind snow, just how darn cold it gets when it snows. I hate being cold.

I DO like that when it snows on weekends, we don't feel like we need to go anywhere. It's nice to just stay home with the fam and relax.

I woke up this morning and said, "Self, today you are going to start Weight Watchers again and you're going back to the gym.
Honestly, I actually said that out loud...the 'self' part and all. I'm so lame.
Anyways, from the get go, I had good intentions for the day. I was feeling all motivated and stuff.

I found my shoes, my gym bag, towel, but not my headphones. As I searched, the snow kept coming down. It has now been 7 hours and I still can't find my damn headphones.
We all know perfectly well that one cannot go to the gym without headphones. It also would be unsafe. I could get in a car accident or something.
I took those as signs that I was meant to start my routine tomorrow. Hopefully, I will remember by then where my headphones are and the flurries will cease.

I attempted to redeem myself by doing a kids Yoga dvd with my little ones this evening. It was so freaking hard. My show off kids were all, "Downward dog? Easy! Child's pose? Simple!"
as I struggled just putting the dvd in. Humiliating.
I'm obviously not ready for yoga or anything else that requires much more than walking right now. Thank God I didn't go back to one of my old classes at the gym or something idiotic like that.

I am hoping to lose the 'cancer-baby weight' and tone back up. I miss the gym. I miss my old clothes. I miss my gym buddy, Jilly. I miss the gym daycare...digress much?
I have a few months until I get to go on a much needed vacation with friends to Chicago. Motivate!

In the beginning of this, I was a little bitter that I had put the time in to live a healthy lifestyle and was just going to be killed off by stupid, jerkface cancer.
I had thought that I would just enjoy not going to the gym and go to town, so to speak, on the chips and bad foods because obviously, being healthy didn't matter.
My husband (and doctors) helped me realize recently that I was looking at it all wrong.

Honestly, my body did a really great job at doing what it was supposed to do to fight off the cancer once it was detected. Did it make a difference that I was, in my opinion, pretty healthy going into the fight?
Who knows. It sure didn't hurt me though.
I came into this with my guns drawn. I think that I very possibly could have had a much different cancer experience if my initial spirit and health were any different than they were.

While it sucked getting cancer, it could have been worse.
The gaining weight part wasn't fun. Becoming increasingly sedentary over the past few months hasn't done squat for my self esteem. The cancer's gone. It's time to work on my overall mental and physical health again.

That includes the gym, meditation and prayer, and my old trusty friend, Weight Watchers!
Cancer aside, the slobby lifestyle I was leading most of the time while fighting off cancer wasn't really all that great.

You do realize I am putting a ton of pressure on myself by blogging that, right?
Now I HAVE to lose some weight or the next time I see you guys, you will say to your husband as I walk away, "Geesh.....she started WW months ago and doesn't look like she's lost a pound!"
I really do love you bitches, but you know that's SOOO true. ;)

Anyhow...that's my big plan for the moment. Hopefully nothing crazy derails my attempts.
The nice people at the Purple Star Buffet will miss me, I'm sure.

Hey, that reminds me! Is this not the funniest thing ever?


  1. oh my word you had me laughing so hard reading this post. I will admit...I've said "self" to myself before too. (hangs head in shame)

    1. Thank goodness I'm not the only one! Crazy question....are you able to read that chinese buffet sign in your normal 'head voice'? I can't. In my head, I read it like I'm chinese. Cracks me up!