Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm borderline.

I went for radiation today and asked to see a doctor while I was there.
We are supposed to get terrible weather in the next couple days. I figured if I'm going to have to sit out a week, this would be the perfect one for me. Driving on snow and ice terrifies me.

My doctor wasn't in yet, so I saw one of her partners. He said that my skin was borderline.
He thought I should continue with treatment for now and he would have me see Dr. Sullivan tomorrow to make sure she agrees.

My blisters are gross. I have tiny ones all around the radiated area and the ones on my incision are green and oozy.
I have no idea what my skin is going to look like at the end of this.
Hopefully, my plastic surgeon will still be able to work his magic.

My back/neck/shoulder pain hasn't gotten any better despite pain killers and numerous trips to the chiropractor over the past two weeks. The chiro doesn't think adjustments are helping. :(
I am going to see my PCP tonight to possibly get a referral to a Orthopedic Surgeon.
I hope this is nothing major. I'm a little nervous.


  1. Hi Angela,

    Im been updated with what's happening with all your visits to the doctor thanks alot. I truly adore all your positive spirit your one in a millions who blessed with this character.
    About my sister her 1st appointment to the doctor after her surgery was last week and another one today to do the test.
    I am as well a little bit depressed. It rubs on me.
    Im been helping her with some of her financial cost.
    As I am reading your blog just now I closed my eyes and pray that my sister will get better and you will get better and all the cancer victims all over the world will have eased with their situation. IT just like your daughter wish , that how I wish theres a clearer cure with all the cancers all over the world.
    My prayers are with you and with all your right character and support of your love ones and strong prayers You will get better and wake up every single day with much hope and brighter happy eyes.

    Hugs from sunny Cambodia we have beautiful sun today!!

  2. Borderline... feels like I'm going to lose my mind - when you keep on pushing me, over the borderline!

    As Madonna so eloquently put it...

    Sending you my love. I really hope your pain comes down luv.