Friday, February 10, 2012

Today is a GREAT day.

I like today.

Traffic was light this morning and it only took me 27 minutes to get from my house to the hospital's doors. Even better than that, I didn't need to use my GPS to get there or back. That's pretty big for me. I usually can't get out of my driveway without consulting my Garmin.

A cute couple, who I have talked to a few times at radiation, stopped to tell me they have been praying for me. It makes me so happy when people tell me that. Unsolicited prayers rock.:)
Cancer patients are the most pleasant people.

I made it all the way through radiation without having to redo any of my breaths. That's huge.
I have a problem holding my breath correctly without sucking in too much, too little, or getting the giggles.
I practice all the way to the hospital and I think I just get myself too worked up about it.

My breath holds have to be perfect and match my scans or the lasers won't line up properly.
It's quite the process trying to get the exact same amount of air in your lungs day after day.
I have the weekend off for rest days. I'm excited.

Here's a pic of my scan today. Notice the lines all over the walls and my body. There are red ones and green ones. They come from the machine and from the ceiling. I can see my reflection in the ceiling one. It's crazy to see the precise lasers making a grid on your body. While I lie there, I'm just in awe of this machine. Not that long ago, I wouldn't have had this option. I would have had to either skip radiation all together or risk heart problems. While I'm not a huge fan of going every day, I feel so lucky that I have all of these options to try to prolong my life. Man, God and Science are wonderful!

I'm wearing my bolus on the left side. I wear that for half of the treatment. It moderates the amount of rads I get at the skin's surface. My arms go over my head and fit in a foam thing that was formed to my body. I have to stay in the exact grooves every time. I even have to hold my watch on my left wrist with my right hand, because that's what I was doing when they mapped me.
If I have an itch, I have to yell for someone to come itch me. I can't for 20 minutes. If I do, we have to start all over. It's so much pressure!

Only 29 sessions left.


  1. Wow, that is crazy!! 20 mins of not moving?! You are my hero. I think about us together and there is no way I could do it-- It makes me think "do your husbands drink heavily?!" lol

    love you tons!! xoxo