Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good News and Not So Great News

The CT scan results came back today and my shoulder is normal. Yay!
I was pretty nervous at possibly needing surgery on it, so this is great news.
Unfortunately, it still hurts like hell so I'm stuck again with no real immediate fix.
Dr. Kruse is still considering my issue to be Bursitis and is recommending physical therapy.

Because of my mastectomy and lymph node removal on that side, I have stopped using my left arm and hand as much. My range of motion is pretty poor. It's possible that I have a frozen shoulder, so hopefully, it will feel better once I work on getting my range back.

I went to radiation this morning at 7:30 am only to be sent back home. My skin looks terrible so I wasn't surprised.
I am on another break until Monday. At that point, she says I can go straight through until the end.
She also put me on an oral antibiotic so I can try to avoid an infection while my skin is open.

My skin looks so awful now that I won't even post a picture.
At first, my boob looked like it went to Hawaii without me. Now, it looks like it sat on a campfire. The part that isn't burnt to a crisp looks like it received road rash.

I asked if we could just up my pain meds and continue this week, but I was quickly shot down.
Dr. Sullivan said the issue right now is that I have literally no more skin to lose.
If the burn goes any deeper, I'm at risk for not having enough skin left to do my implants.

I can't think of anything worse than having my real boobs removed, having horrible expanders put in, having immense pain from radiation and then after all that, not being able to get decent replacement boobs.

Eric wants me to stop treatments. He hates this. He cringes when he looks at it. This is one of the few things about cancer that I can tell REALLY bothers him. I can't stop though. I have made it 2/3 of the way already. I just need to finish this out.

So....until further notice, I will be home gooping and wrapping my "big, giant boob," as Chase calls it.
Hopefully, this break will be just what my body needs to get me through until the end.


  1. Thinking of you and really hoping that you and your "big giant boob" feel better soon.


  2. ugh just when you think your nearing the end huh?!?! well hang in there girl we are praying for you!

  3. So sorry for more delays for you and so sorry that your poor boob is literally burned to a crisp. Praying for your skin to recover and for you to be able to get back on track with treatment!! You are so awesome, hang in there.

  4. :( Hang in there baby cakes. You are SOOO close to the finish line. You will have beautiful boobs- I'll donate some skin if you need it!