Thursday, March 1, 2012

Prayer Warriors Needed

You have all done such an awesome job keeping me in your prayers. You are true prayer warriors and I know that you all, with God's help, can move mountains.

I have asked before, but I know you won't mind me asking again. Two families close to me are being touched deeply by cancer and they need our prayers desperately.

There are two sweet boys who need your prayers more than anything. Their little bodies are weak and they and their families are exhausted.

God has placed them so heavily on my heart that I can't seem to do much but think of them lately.
They are both fighting rare and very aggressive cancers.

Wesson is six months old and has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Zade is almost seven months old and has infantile sarcoma. They were both diagnosed with cancer at around three months old, when their lives had barely begun.

Wesson was transferred from South Dakota to St. Judes in Memphis, TN recently. He is currently undergoing a research protocol in order to get him well enough for a much needed bone marrow transplant.

Zade is currently being treated in Sioux Falls, SD. He had a clear CT scan this week (YAY!) but has been experiencing dipping oxygen levels for reasons that are currently unknown.

They have both undergone the hell of chemotherapy.

They need answers and they need miracles.

Please pray for the continued strength for these amazing little boys and for their families, who are fighting this battle right along with them.



While I was writing this post, I received word from a good friend that her father had passed away this afternoon due to a heart attack. I'm sure Sharon could use some extra prayers right now also.

Thanks for your time and love.


  1. Thank you SO much Angela! You are so sweet. I know these extra prayers are just what these boys need right now. Love you :)

  2. Oh my goodness, this gives me chills and a heavy heart. Children struck with such hardships really tugs at me.
    All my hope, love and prayers to all of them!