Monday, October 15, 2012

Here they are!

It's already 45 days past reconstructive surgery and I'm finally getting around to posting pics. Sorry!
I have had virtually no problems since surgery.

My ribs are still a little sore. I thought the pain was from the expanders; now I'm not really sure what is causing the pain. It's minimal.

I'm extremely happy with my new boobs. Are they perfect? No. have they EVER been perfect? Hell, no.
I didn't just have a boob job. I had my breasts completely removed from my body. I had Aladerm added to where I no longer had tissue and had breast expanders placed to make mounds where there were none. Every day, I am more in awe of the entire process.
With a shirt on, I look normal...better than normal, actually.

Here they are:

This pic shows my right side when I bend down. Rippling happens with reconstruction and can be fixed. I need more volume. Dr. Migliori is a perfectionist and recommended I do skin grafting to round out both sides and make them more symmetrical and full.
Unfortunately, he will have to do liposuction on my thighs and tummy to harvest the fat to inject in my boobs.
I'm totally kidding about the unfortunately part. My response to Migs, "AYFKM? Free lipo on my tummy AND thighs and even BIGGER boobs? Sign my ass up!"
I now have a surgery date of 12/20. :) I love that man.


  1. You look amazing sweetheart! And you're doing such a great service by posting these pics because you know other ladies out there going through the process probably don't see a lot of 'after' shots!

  2. Agree with Annie! You and these pics are amazing!

  3. Wow! Free lipo and a great rack! Way to go mama! ;)

  4. They look great! Still can't get over how amazing your skin looks!

  5. Aw Ange....I love you more and more! Those are some kiss ass bobbies! I'm a little green with envy that you get to have a freebie lipo done...but you of all people deserve it!

  6. I like your new nose, K! It’s true that it will get worse before it gets better. There will be swelling, bruising, and pain after the surgery, but it’s all normal. If the patient has a very low pain tolerance, he/she may ask the doctor to prescribe pain relievers.

    Geoffrey Lelia