Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's All Relative.

I went out for dinner with my friend, Sharon, who has beaten this ugly cancer. She's a breath of fresh air for me and really puts things into perspective.
The main things I got from her over our two hour Philly Cheese Steaks are:

1.) This is temporary.
2.) It's all relative.
3.) At the end of this, Dr. Migliori will give you great way better than your old ones. <---GREAT breast cancer perk.
4.) I sure love Sharon. :)

She also pointed out that although Chemotherapy makes you feel pretty cruddy, the hair loss isn't that huge of a deal. You lose your hair everywhere. No waxing, shaving, blow drying or pony tails. I get ready in about 5 minutes now.
My stubble is starting to fall out finally, but throwing a wig on will only add about 3 minutes to my routine. Yay for another cancer perk!

I'm pretty sick of short little hairs all over my clothes, in my food, on my keyboard. I look like I own a cat. Yuck! Just kidding, cat people. :)
At this rate, I will be completely bald in about a week. I better get the henna and temporary tattoos ready. I can feel another party coming on!

I have been up since 3 a.m. today. I have a blood draw at 8, appointment with Dr Hartung at 8:20 and Chemo starting at 8:45. Because of my low white blood cell counts recently, there's a chance I won't get my treatment today.
Chemo is super hard on your body as it kills the cancer. If given when your counts are low, it can be life threatening.
I'm so nervous! I WANT the chemo. I WANT to feel crappy from it while it works it's magic. I WANT this stupid cancer out of my body.
*Hopefully* today goes as planned.

That's all for now. I really appreciate you guys all following my ramblings. It makes me feel better to throw my thoughts out there.

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  1. You truly do have an amazing attitude! I love going back and reading some of the older posts. Very inspirational!