Monday, September 12, 2011

Love My Girls

I have amazing the best friends a person could ever hope for.
I have a group of girls that I have become extremely close to over the past few years. We are all Moms of Multiples and we live all over the U.S. We talk daily online, call and text. We even vacation together!

When one of us is ill, has an injured child or even is just having a bad day, we rally.
I had no idea how HARD these girls rally, though, until I became the recipient of their generosity.

I receive daily texts, emails and calls. I have gotten so many cards that I can't even fit them all on the mantle anymore.
Starting last week, packages started trickling in. It was like Christmas every day!
My girls informed me that it was "Pamper Angela week." Seriously? I was in awe.

I received beautiful hats, an awesome scarf, make up, a gorgeous necklace, shirts and candy!
Prior to that, I received flowers, gift cards and Tamlyn's legendary sweet treats.

Every day, I smile thinking about the great friends that God has given me.
I'm humbled that with their busy lives, they are thinking of me and giving me strength to power through this.

Thank you, MoMfia!
Love you!

Our last vacation in Savannah, Georgia in March 2011. That's a whole lot of MoMs!

silk scarf from Melissa M

hat from Allison

hat from Sarah S.

hat from Jamie

necklace from Jamie

Go University of Wisconsin- Platteville!! shirt from Megan

hat from Megan

hat from Megan

Another from Megan...she must really love me. :)
This shirt is from my friend, Karen. She's not a Mom of Multiples, but this shirt is too awesome not to post. I will absolutely be wearing this after I get my new boobs.


  1. ILOVE that tee you got from your friend, Karen! Xoxo

  2. I also love that shirt! You look great Angela!

  3. Love the shirt and the new hats!! They look great on you.

  4. That shirt is awesome! So is your smile.

  5. Can't stop laughing about the shirt,Love Dad

  6. You look so amazing in all of it! I hope each round that you get makes you smile just like this :)

  7. We love you!!!

    Love you in those hats and things...and that booby shirt RULES!