Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chemo Roller Coaster

Today is *hopefully* the last day that I will be feeling craptastic due to my last Chemo and Neulasta treatment.

People have commented many times that they don't know what days will be my "bad days" or when is a "safe time" to call or stop by.
Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. I'm pretty new to this whole cancer thing and just kind of going day by day. You're always welcome here. Please don't be offended if I'm sleeping and not able to visit. I'm not much of a napper, but I'm really trying to take it easy during chemo weeks.

If I'm sleeping, my ringer will be off. You don't have to worry about waking me. When I sleep, I'm exhausted. Nothing bothers me.

Occasionally, my mom will throw a sign on the door directing all visitors to call her first. That usually happens if I'm not up for visitors or if we have an illness in the house. She's pretty awesome and is really in tune with when I'm pushing myself too hard. Her main priority is getting me healthy. I don't blame her. I would want to leave this crazy, chaotic house, too! ;)

We do ask that anyone that has been ill or has sick kids please refrains from visiting. I really can't afford to get sick and have heard that this flu season will be a doozy.

Here is what I have found is par for the course so far.
I usually feel (and look) the best the last few days before I get chemo. By then, the prior poisons are about out of my system. I feel like my old self.

Once I get treatment again, I start to feel 'off' about 4 hours later. The next day, I am exhausted and nauseous. I require naps. That lasts from Friday night through Monday afternoon.

The Monday following treatment, I go in for the Neulasta shot. That's the kicker. It makes me feel like I was hit by a truck and lasts about 4 days. I'm usually not as nauseous during these days, but it causes me to get migraines and I have to up my meds. These days, I'm usually holed up in my living room with the curtains drawn drinking lemon water while my saint mother takes my kids to and from school and walks them around the block a hundred times so they don't make my head explode.

I wrote on my calendar last week that I predicted that I will feel better by this Friday. I'm going to challenge myself to feel pretty darn great by tomorrow instead. Grandma needs to take a much needed day off.

I hope that you are all doing well. XOXO

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  1. I hope you are feeling better today!! You continue to amaze me, day-after-day! Such an inspiration for so many people!