Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two months

It has now been two months since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
It's amazing how so much has changed in so little time.

To us, two months has felt like an eternity.
We're closer to the finish line, but we're all tired.
I'm not fighting alone. My co-survivors are fighting this ugly battle daily. Most days, I know it's harder on them than it is on me.

In two short months, we have endured the following:

-Needle Guided Biopsy
-Echo Heart Scan
-full body PET Scan
-Muga Heart Scan
-BRCA Genetic Testing
-Numerous Blood Tests
-Portacath inserted in my chest
-3 rounds of Chemo
-2 bone marrow generating Neulasta injections
-hair loss
-bloating/weight gain
-Appointments with cardiologists, oncologists, oncology surgeons for my future mastectomy, plastic surgeons for future reconstruction
-too many prescriptions to name
-Menopause...fun times

So far, my insurance company has been billed over $122,000 for my treatment.
Thank god I have good coverage.

This little blog of mine, which was intended only for a way to keep family up to date on my appointments, has received over 23,000 page views. Wow!

We are getting the word out, friends. Seeing this number rise makes me happier than you will ever know. It's not about me. It's not about pink ribbons. It's the simple fact that if breast cancer is caught early, it's highly treatable.

Maybe someone that reads this will feel a lump and have it checked. Maybe someone will get that mammogram that they have been putting off. Maybe we can help someone.

In two short months, I have found God in a way I didn't know was possible.
I have had friends come out of the woodwork. I have received support from the most unlikely places.
I have started to slightly understand what my purpose is. I know that I'm meant to do big things with this.

I'm babbling...again. I just want to thank you all again for everything.
Your love, prayers, support, jokes....I will never forget how wonderful you have all been.
I love you.


  1. Your blog is so well-written and inspiring, and you are one beautiful bald woman. I mean, your wigs and hats are cute, but the head -- gorgeous. I never did see that in myself while bald -- the beauty -- but I see it in others, like you!

    Would you mind if I publish on my blog your list of what you've endured in the past two months. I would, of course, give you credit and link back to your blog.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway for the Bondi Band headband. I hope you win (shhhh!).


  2. Awwww! Thanks, Jacki!
    I would love it if you linked my blog to yours. Spread the word, right? ;)

    Take care!

  3. I found your blog through a friend and was v
    Blown.away by your strength and courage. You are a hero. Keep fighting!

  4. Hey there my friend. Thank you so much for writing this blog. It is inspiring. And I'm going to get my first mammo on Friday. We actually have a MAMMOVAN coming to our office. How fun does that sound!

    Love you! VegasMel

  5. You are so amazing. And strong. And brave. And wonderful. Years from now, you will look back at this time in your life and be proud that you took on this battle- and won. And when you are an 80 year old lady, playing with your grandchildren, I hope you bust out the pink wig and tell them about the time you fought like a girl. XOXO

  6. You're such an awesome chic. Oh and an amazing inspiration. Love you mama!