Friday, October 7, 2011

Half done with chemo!

Today I completed chemo 3 of 6.
I will still have the Herceptin IVS every 3 weeks from December to August, but the side effects should be I'm not counting those.

I had a fabulous time chatting with Jamie, eating Starburst (Thanks, Amanda!) and watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, courtesy of Sam.

The staff seemed to appreciate my fun new pink wig. I love it also.
I seem to care a little less every day of what people think of me, but I still like to make people smile.

I also sing really loudly in the car now. I never did that before.
The old Angela would have held my phone up to my ear while I sang so the people in the car next to me wouldn't realize I was jamming out. I thought I was so sneaky. What's the point?
Sing, if you want to sing.
Are you ever going to see the people driving next to you again?
Who cares?

For some reason, I feel more at peace with myself now, even though I'm battling breast cancer.
I feel pretty secure with my baldness. I am fine going out without wigs and with barely any makeup.

I'm ecstatic that I'm tolerating the chemo so well and that my side effects can be controlled mostly with meds and a positive attitude.

Although I wouldn't say I'm lucky to have gotten cancer at such a young age, I still think cancer picked the wrong bitch. I'm not going down without a fight.
I'm ready to brawl and I WILL win.

I will then have the rest of my LONG life to live the way I SHOULD have been living, but wasn't.
I will slow down, appreciate more and love freely. I will spend less time complaining and more time praying.
I will continue to sing in the car. I may even roll down the windows so everyone can hear. :)

My friend Jamie took some shots from today. I love her...and her camera. She's very talented.

My 'new to me' wig! Jamie's mom is a breast cancer survivor. She bought a wig that lucky for both of us, she didn't have to use. I LOVE IT!


  1. you are just beautiful through and through :) great pics, and yay for being half done with chemo!!

  2. YAY for being half done! You look gorgeous. I loved your last few posts. I will continue to sing loudly in the car and not care who hears me.

  3. Yay for being half way done! You are so adorable!

  4. Half way! Way to go gorgeous!!! You are rocking that pink! <3 to you!!

  5. Fantastic post! You are so amazing!!

  6. There are no adequate words to describe just how freaking cool you are. You are amazing!

    And I totally fake like I am on the phone while singing in the car...I'm not going to do it anymore :)

  7. You rock. I love the pink wig and the positive attitude. You are right, cancer picked the wrong person because you are going to kick its ass.

  8. Your continued strength and positive attitude makes me cry tears of joy. Love you lady!

  9. Your strength amazes me. You are going to kick cancers ass!

  10. You look like a rock star, with and without the wig. Singing in the car is what a rock star should be doing!!

    Keep kicking ass and paving the way for future patients who will need this strength and humor. You must light that place up!

  11. I too, am a cell phone singer. Hahaha. I love your attitude and outlook. You are so amazing. Love you to pieces!

  12. I'll sing with the windows down this week, just for you :)
    Yay for half done!!

  13. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog!! IT is great!! I was diagnosed at 29 and just finished my last reconstructive surgery a month ago. What a relief! I am happy to read that you are doing so well!! I love the pink wig! I have a couple myself I also wore a crazy blue one!! It is crazy how cancer gives you a new sense of freedom. I really got to know my true self and I really like who I am!! : ) Good luck with everything and if you ever need to chat let me know. Amy Wadsworth
    P.S. Sorry, I rambled so

  14. You are amazing and so very beautiful! I love to think of you rocking out in your car... why not?! Big big hugs and lots of love!

  15. Yay!! And that cancer is going to tell all of its friends how tough you are and how you kicked its ass, and all of them will stay the hell away too. You rock!!!

  16. I went through breast cancer last year and I feel exactly the same as you ! I pray more and I am so very thankful for all my Blessings. God Bless you and continue to be strong - you can get through this !!!!!!