Friday, October 7, 2011


When I was first diagnosed, I kept thinking about all of the things I wanted to do before I died.
I was clearly not in the best place at that time.

A lot of them were vacations I wanted to take, people I needed to forgive and people I wanted to forgive me. Mostly, I was bummed that I had taken so few pictures WITH my family.

I couldn't get past the fact that if I were to die tomorrow, my kids would have so few pictures of me with them.

I take at least 50 pictures of my kids per week, but obviously I'm not in them.

I'm adamant now about Eric including me in pictures.
Memories, unfortunately fade after awhile. I don't want to be forgotten.

I want my fabulous family to know how much they're loved and to see in photos how happy they make me.

I love that this is one thing on my bucket list that I can easily accomplish.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I need to do this too! Thank you for making me realize it! :-)

    ~Michelle H

  2. There is so much truth to this for many Moms. Why don't we stop and ask someone to take a picture of us with our children/family?! We are so busy loving in the moment and enjoying watching our family live their lives and feeling the warm fuzzy that we get to be a part of it.
    And besides I so dislike seeing myself in the more excuses! I will be in those pictures.
    God bless!

  3. Angela I think you are just so amazing! I would also worry about not being in pictures. Just knowing what you are going through has made me a better mom and to document more with my children. I'm sorry you are going through this but you are an inspiration to everyone.