Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just Walk!

I decided at about 6:30 this morning that I wanted to walk the Making Strides for Breast Cancer 5k at Lake Nokomis. Registration started today at 8. :)
I woke my mom up and she, of course, was totally on board to walk also.
Chemotherapy has added to my insomnia....... and also my impulsiveness.

I have been driving myself nuts with the "what ifs" again. I hate that part of this. The hormonal part of the chemo/menopause is making me a little crazy.

I knew the best thing I could do today to up my spirits would be to surround myself with people who had fought and lived or were currently fighting.
Man, was I right.

Everyone there was so happy. They were encouraging. They were thankful.
There were thousands of people walking for a great cause. It was an awesome feeling.
My spirit felt renewed. My hope rekindled.

It was a great experience and I am so grateful that I was feeling well enough to participate.

Some of the survivors lining up.

These were happy tears, I swear. The finish line and all the people cheering made me a little emotional.


  1. Im sooooooooooooooooo proud of you!!! Congrats on the walk and your determination! You look like one hot lady! Couldn't be more proud of you!

  2. Wow, Angela you are amazing!! I'm so glad you were feeling up to it. xoxo

  3. YOU make my heart very happy!!!!!!!!!Love,Dad

  4. I don't get to read your blog enough or post enough- but do know that I'm always thinking about you and praying for you! You are such an inspiration!

    My mom, her sister, and my grandmother (their mom, who is now 93) are all survivors --- and you'll be one, too!

    Hugs and prayers and love for you, beautiful mama!!!!

    Gail (Goldie_locks_5) MoM :)

  5. Angie, this post was a tear jerker for me! I am so proud of you and your family. Your Mom's unwavering support is so amazing! She is wonderful! Great work, today!

    ~michelle heatherly

  6. So proud of you for getting out there and doing the walk!! Way to go, Fighter!!

  7. You rock!! WHat a tough chic you are! I am so proud of you and your determination! You are so inspiring!!!

  8. You are so amazing. You continue to inspire me every day!!

  9. You are an amazingly strong woman! I'm also sitting hear crying! You inspire all of us. I pray for you every night.