Friday, October 21, 2011

The Rack Pack Foundation

The Christi Anderson Rack Pack Foundation provides “LoveHandles” care bags for anyone currently undergoing therapies for breast cancer. These darling tote bags are full of comfort items, toiletries, jewelry, wristbands, things to do during chemo, uplifting thoughts, snacks and much more.

I was lucky enough to receive one in the mail today. What a fantastic organization!
I received all of the chemo necessities like books, journals, puzzle books, cozy socks, candy, a blanket and so much more.

Coloring pages and a maze puzzle drawn by the organizer's neighbor kids especially put a smile on my face.
My kids are currently taking a nap.
Yes, I bribed them with these awesome new activity pages for when they wake up.

Each one of these special bags for cancer patients are donated. My bag is from a breast cancer survivor named Debra N. and family. Thank you, Debra!


  1. That is awesome! What a thoughtful thing to do.

  2. What a great package and foundation. Love it!