Saturday, October 22, 2011


Karsyn thinks anyone walking outdoors in a group must be doing a cancer walk. I heard the kids comment on one particular group of ladies out for a stroll today.

Karsyn: "Look! They're all out walking. They must all have cancer.
Chase: They don't have cancer. They're just walking. They have hair.
Karsyn: That's not their REAL hair. They're all wearing wigs.

Houston thinks anything with a pink "cancer ribbon" belongs to me. It's fun shopping with him this month where EVERYTHING has a pick ribbon on it. :)

Laughter is the best medicine and thankfully, my family is hilarious!

We're all doing really well. My mom has been gone now for almost a week and we have survived. I wasn't sure how that was going to go, but we have all fallen back into our pre-cancer routines.

We have told her that we are going to try this chemo round without her help, even though she feels like she needs to be here.
She was here close to two months. We were really lucky to have her for that long.

My next chemo is this Wednesday. My Neulasta shot will be on Thursday.
Again, I'm pretty excited.
I love my doctor and her staff is fabulous. I have always requested (and gotten) the only private room they have in the treatment area. There, I can veg out in a bed, visit and watch movies without being in the big treatment room that everyone else is in.
I hope the trend continues and my secret little room is open again for me.
If not, maybe I'll meet some new friends.
I try to think of it as "one more done" rather than "I'm going to feel like crap for the next week." :)

On the hair front, so far, the dark blonde/brownish hair on my head has fallen out. I still have a lot of blonde/white fuzz. The hair has actually grown while I have been getting treatments.
I look like a little old man, especially with my wrinkly forehead. Thank god for hats and wigs.

I still haven't lost the hair on my legs or arms.
I also still have a good amount of eyebrows and my eyelashes have been hanging on. I'm pleasantly surprised that it's not all gone yet.

I wanted to post a pic of a good friend of mine, Holly, who walked the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure for me today.
I love seeing all my girlies out walking their city's breast cancer walks. I'm pretty sure I have the most supportive friends ever.
Love you guys so much!!

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  1. of course the hair you would like to lose (leg hair) hangs tight. Figures! You are the most gorgeous wrinkly old man I've ever seen! xoxo