Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chemo #5

Losing is NOT an option!!
(Thanks, Christi!)

I only have ONE big chemo left in December and then I'm on to the smaller ones! Yay!
It will be so nice to only spend around an hour at the clinic getting an IV of Herceptin every 3 weeks, instead of the 5-6 hours I currently do getting the Herceptin, Taxotere and Carboplatin.

I will also be getting the Herceptin and radiation at the Minnesota Oncology that's closer to my house. I will save about an hour in drive time each time.

There were still no signs of that pesky tumor or lymph node involvement. Take that, cancer!!
My levels where all in the normal range, so I was able to stay on schedule and get my 5th poisoning. :)

I'm anxiously awaiting my next PET scan to see what exactly is going on in this crazy body of mine and to see if the chemo is doing it's job.

My mom came with to keep me company. She was pleasantly surprised at how well most everyone looked and how the nurses and doctors seemed to really love their jobs.

Her father passed away many years ago from lung cancer. She has commented many times that I "don't smell like chemo." I think cancer treatments have come a long ways, thankfully.
I know she was really worried about what I would look and feel like during treatment, as was I.
Cancer treatment is NOT fun, but it's tolerable if you accept help.

I don't even know what chemo smells like and I have tons of it in me. I finally have my meds figured out and can usually stay on top of them to avoid excessive nausea and bone pain.
If I only knew then, what I know now!

On a sad note for me, I have officially gained 10 freaking pounds. The health freak in me tells me to get my ass to the gym and lay off the casseroles. My crazy (but smart) doctor tells me to bundle up and get outside and walk. She obviously lives in a warmer climate than me. It's cold as heck here! She absolutely doesn't want me at the gym or touching people now that we're in flu season.

Don't be surprised if my mom has the 'Do Not Enter' sign on the door a lot this winter. She really has our best interests at heart but if I had it my way, I would have a coffee date every single day.
We have had sick kids pretty much since school started. I'm really lucky that I have only needed two antibiotic rounds so far. I'm hopeful we can all stay healthy until at least after Thanksgiving.

I have some pics to share from today, but first, I'm BEGGING for a favor.
Two friends have emailed me in the last two weeks to ask for prayers for their nephews. One is three months old, the other only two months old. Both have been diagnosed with cancer.
I know that your prayers have really helped me. If you have an extra minute, could you please add Wesson, Zade and their loved ones to your prayers?

They will both be starting chemotherapy soon in South Dakota. I can only imagine what their families are feeling right now. Our prayers are essential right now for these little boys that are fighting for their lives.

With that, I want to thank you for the millions of prayers, cards, emails, texts, gifts and love that you have sent our way. I'm beyond blessed to have you all.

I know the posts aren't coming as quickly as they were, only because I don't have as much to report on. That's a good thing. Hang tight, though.... soon to come will be some fun surgery stories...and possibly pictures!! :)

my chipmunk cheeks
Mom and I
Dr. Hartung and I...she's freaking amazing!

Mom trying out the chemotherapy chairs. She wanted to smuggle one out of there. She was pretty excited by the heat and vibrating buttons.

I have my iPhone, iPad and planner...all set!

It's such a great feeling to rip off my scarves and wigs! I feel so FREEEEEE!


  1. You and mom sure do look nice today.Glad everything went OK with #5!Wesson and Zade will be in my prayers tonight along with you.No private room today?????????I will make some calls tomorrow!!!!Love,Dad

  2. Beautiful as usual, lady! :) And that 10 lbs looks good on you. I only wish you could have taken them from me. ;) xxoo

  3. chipmunk cheeks? I don't see them! You are soooo beautiful! So proud of you! Love!!!

  4. Despite of your illness you are so pretty and a lot of faith, and that was good enough.. Be strong for your family. I'm really so proud of you even though we did not see each other. I'm a newbie her!

    Love lots

  5. I had so much fun with you in Chemo yesterday. You really are an inspiration to chemo patients. I think when they look at you they see a light at the end of the tunnel !! Your humor and bright smile make them realize that life is worth living even though the chemo will probably making them very sick in a few short hours. How come I look more tired than you? Could it be my age cuz I am your mom, or might it be the wonderful recliner with the heat and massage? All I know is that I admire your strength and am proud of my daughter. I am blessed to be on this Journey with you and your family ! Love you sweetheart !! Mom

  6. Mom,
    You look more tired than me because this is harder for you than it is for me. You're physically and emotionally drained. I can't wait to take you on a warm vacation when this is all done. Thanks for everything! Love you!

    I'm bloated and very chipmunk-like right now. I guess I will take that over sunken in facial features though. Just a bump in the road! Love you!

    Pyjammy Pam-
    I love the way you lie. Keep up the great work. :) <3

    The public room wasn't so bad. We met some nice people. The person in the private room obviously needed it more than me. Thanks for loaning me your wife. :)

  7. Angela, your color looks absolutly radiant. You look fabulous.


  8. I don't know why I'm commenting on here, as the last LONG comment I left on quilt link isn't even there! Wthell? Anywho, you look great! I love your big smile and seriously your skin is glowing! I thought it was supposed to be ashy with the chemo but Ang you really do look so so good. And so do you Pam!! BTW, was your mom able to get the recliner in her car that she was bringing you from her house? That thing looked awefully snuggly :)Love you bunches!!! ~Kyra

  9. I have no idea why your comment didn't show up on the quilt post. Maybe it has something to do with it being Anonymous. I have heard of others having problems with that until they actually sign up with a user name. Sorry!
    Thanks for the nice comment. My skin, although broke out, doesn't look all too bad color-wise.
    I do have a big honking recliner in my living room now. It will hopefully be short lived. That thing is big enough to give birth in. ;) Love you!

  10. It is really good to hear you are doing ok... i love seeing pics and reading your blog because i don't get to see you a lot. Can't wait for Thursday!

    love ya bunches , chey