Thursday, November 10, 2011

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.

I have been blessed with fabulous friends.
Some are ones I have met since moving to Minnesota, some have been around for ages.
Some, I talk to rarely...but think about often. With all of them, we can pick up where we left off the last time we spoke.

One of my oldest and dearest friends is Kyra. Our friendship has lasted through moves, marriage, babies and more moves.
We got in lots of trouble together and have made tons of memories. She is one in a million.
Her smile is unforgettable and her laugh is contagious.
She's beautiful and I can only hope to some day be as good of a daughter, wife and mother as she is.

Somehow in the midst of another of her out of state moves; which involved living in a camper for over a month with her husband and three small children, she decided to make me a quilt.

She sent out material squares to some of our elementary and high school friends from Watertown, who are now living all over the U.S. She asked that they decorate the blocks and return them to her.

My mom returned yesterday after almost a month away and brought the quilt Kyra and our friends had made. What a surprise.
Upon seeing it, I had no words. The tears flowed.

All these wonderful people put so much time, thought and energy into making their squares perfect.

Kyra and her Grammy pieced it all together and Kyra sewed each stitch on her "little machine" herself. This was her first quilt, but I'm sure not her last. She's talented.

Thank you all for thinking of me and all of your support.
This gift from all of you means so much to me. My quilt will be displayed proudly.

Thanks to Kyra Wolkow, Betsy Hills, Dayna Semchenko, Tana Reihe, Jessica Aker, Stacy Sundine, Tera Oland, Toni Connors, Niki Waege, Laura Hejl, Nikki Sejnoha, Jenni Carter, Julie Krejchi, Melissa Meyer, Casey Schmidt, Tina Stemwedel, Steph Ziegeldorf, Marisa McDonald, Liza Wornson, Rachel Bindert, Christy Borseth, Tawnya Jensen, Rachel Hemke, Cori Meadows, Liz Dailey and Missy Soper.

Kyra, hard at work!

Kyra and Grammy

The Masterpiece!

I also received this awesome Scentsy warmer from Amy Moss. It has the breast cancer ribbon, along with Love, Life, Hope. It is beautiful! Scentsy has donated over $600,000 to the The National Breast Cancer Foundation. What a fabulous company! The bar Amy sent with it is called, "You Go, Girl." It smells so good. Now I understand everyone's obsession with Scentsy! If you're wanting to do some holiday shopping, this is Amy's Scentsy site. There are a ton of warmers and scents. I'm sure she would love to help you out. :)
Thank you, Amy!


  1. What a wonderful group of friends. The quilt is beautiful.

  2. Kyra and you were cut from the same sheet.Ever think about the movies.You guys would be 1 hilarious hit!Love,Dad

  3. That is so beautiful, Angela. What sweet friends you have <3