Saturday, December 3, 2011


I talk a lot about my "MoMs." Those are my Moms of Multiples friends. We all have twins or triplets and have become really close. I love them all more than words.

Unbeknownst to me, when I was diagnosed, they broke off into teams and each week sent things to me at home.

I have received baked goods, meals, personal care items, jewelry, blankets, clothing, gift cards, hats, scarves, chemo necessities, candy, etc.

It has been amazing. THEY have been amazing.
They have brightened my days more than they will ever realize.

You know those gifts that you receive that are so heartfelt that you can't help but sob?
I just got another one.

The box seemed to be about 50 lbs. It came from a friend in Colorado named Becky. She's super crafty, so I was excited to open it. My friend, April, had told me that I would get two boxes that went together, so even though I got April's prior to Becky's, I waited to open them together.

I had no words again....except that I have the best friends ever!!

My friends all picked out material to make me a quilt.
The quilt is amazing and huge. It's colorful and makes me so happy. It's warm and perfect.

In a photo album, there is a personal note from each person and the piece of the fabric they chose. The notes and squares were sent off to April, Allison and Kristi S. to assemble my book.
As I read each note, I was able to look at my blanket and see which square was picked by each person. I'm sure I will read all of these inspiring notes a million times.

The material was sent to Becky and Tiffany in Colorado to make the quilt. You may remember that Tiffany made my chemo quilt a few months back.
I am in awe of how talented these girls are. They even sewed letters of our families names and designs in the squares. Amazing!

It is so obvious how much time, energy, thought and money was put into this awesome gift.

You are all so wonderful. I can't thank you enough.

Here are two of the pages showing the fabric and notes. The Las Vegas theme is from my good friend Melissa. Eric, Cal and I had the pleasure of visiting her there the week I was diagnosed.
The pink and white flower print was picked by another great friend, Heather. I love this print and would have been able to pick this out as the one she chose without even checking the book. She's a classy chick.

Thank you so much April M, Becky W, Tiffany B, Sarah F, Valerie E, Mandi C, Jen M, Kristin C, Esther D, Sara D, Megan W, Kim, Sam, Annie, Heather, Melissa M, Ashlee, Keri, Melinda, Meredith, Christi, Allison, Lisa, Kat, Heidi, Amy K, Amy M, Christina, Melissa W, Erin, Kristi S.


  1. I'm so glad you got your quilt today. It's filled with lots of love and a little bit of pink for ya!

  2. I love how it turned out. Becky and Tiff did an amazing job sewing it.

  3. With friends like you have this fncancer doesn't stand a chance!Love, Dad

  4. B- It's the first thing I saw this morning and man, do I love it!

    Mel- It is beautiful. I'm so blessed to know all of you talented and loving girls!

    Dad, I absolutely agree!!

  5. The quilt is gorgeous! I had such a great time working on the scrapbook for you! I'm glad you love it all!

  6. What a beautiful and precious gift!

  7. I should've taped myself walking into a fabric store asking for a "fat quarter" and giggling as I asked. I can check that off my list of things I've never done before :)
    That quilt turned out SO amazing - such talent to those that sewed it! Or... quilted it, or whatever you call it ;)