Friday, December 9, 2011

It's been 118 days..

It's been a whirlwind, but one speed bump has been cleared. Yay for no more chemo!!

118 days ago, I had my mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy.
I can post this pic now, because it doesn't seem personal anymore.
I just want them gone as soon as possible so I can start a new chapter.

This is what I looked like leaving my very first appointment at the breast institute.
One X shows where my cancerous lymph nodes are. The other is where my tumor is/was located.

This was 117 days ago. My sweet cousin Breanna's wedding. Karsyn was the flower girl. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Everything was perfect, but I felt like I couldn't breathe the entire day. I was keeping in a horrible secret. About three hours prior, I had received the phone call that would rock my world. I have no idea how I survived this week.

Here I am now.
The REAL me.

This is today. My complexion is pretty gross. I'm a little ashy.

My hair is really growing. It's the juicing and Nioxin, I'm sure. :)

I didn't lose all my eyebrows, nor my eyelashes. I still have enough to make me feel normal...whatever that is.
I'm one of the rare ducks that even kept most of the hair on my legs and arms. So unfair. ;)

Here are my nails. I've been told that I'm lucky to have any. The rings are obvious effects of the Tamoxifen. Yuck. All are broke off except two now.

I still have a chance of losing more hair and my nails. I'm going to stay positive that this is as bad as this part will get.

Here are the reasons I get up every morning.

I don't have pictures of everyone I would love to list here. You have all been awesome. I appreciate every single one of you for including us in your prayers. We're making progress!


  1. Accept and embrace the help afforded you.People are eager to help(LOVE) you through this!Enjoy the vittles and stay strong,Love,Dad.

  2. Angela you are one if the strongest and most beautiful people I know. You are an inspiration. XOXO

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes. You are an amazing person, Angela, and I feel blessed to know you. Stay strong and keep kicking cancer's butt!

  4. You are amazing Angela and such an inspiration!

  5. Thank you for being so real. The more you share the more awareness is made! You are a true Soldier against the big C.

  6. Love you! I always feel so warm inside when I am around you or reading here. Miss you tons.

  7. What a fantastic post!!! You are such an inspiration, Angela!!! You have come such a long way and will come out of this stronger than ever!!

  8. I think you are well on your way to kicking C's butt and doing it with class! You continue to rock it with a smile and that is what makes us all smile :) go Angela!

  9. This totally brought tears to my eyes! You're a super hero! Keep on fighting!

  10. Angela, you are the most beautiful person I've ever known. And, your hair looks so soft, I wanna pet it <3

  11. Angela,
    We've never met. I was given a link to your blog and asked to keep you in my prayers throughout your journey. I can't let another day go by without telling you what an amazing, awe-inspiring, inspirational individual you are. You are a Warrior in the war on cancer and I admire your strength and courage so much~but shouldn't be surprised with your S.D. roots and all. :)

  12. Just catching up with you and all that you have been up to. You are so freaking amazing and strong and wonderful and beautiful! REally. Love you!!!