Monday, January 30, 2012

No longer filled to the brim :)

I had a 4 hour appointment today at Abbott's radiation department.
My new doctor is fabulous and I loved all the techs. I feel like I am in good hands there.

I had a CT scan and it was determined that it would be impossible to do the radiation without deflating the right expander. To get the 2 cm out that they needed, they ended up having to take 155 ccs. You know those gigantic needles from prior posted pictures? That's 2 1/2 syringes full.

They also determined that I am a great candidate for the gating radiation like we had hoped. It will be much safer for my lung and heart.

A 2nd CT scan today confirmed that after the deflate, I'm in the safety zone and can proceed.

Once radiation is finished in March, I will immediately have the right side refilled. The expanders will stay in 6 months after radiation ends and then I will have the exchange for my new silicon ones. :) They will go in through my current scars.

By October 2012, I should have softer boobs, chest port-a-cath out, be done with the Herceptin infusions and be all done with radiation treatments.

Besides a daily pill for 5 years, we will hopefully be able to go back to living like we were pre-cancer. October seems so far away, but we're so excited.

Here's a mold they made of my left side.

We are set to start radiation next Tuesday. My tentative end date is March 22. If you need me in the next 6.5 weeks, you know where to find me!
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Check out the awesome shirt my friend Sheri got me. Also note the fabulous sign that Dawn sent. Love them!

I hope your week is wonderful!


  1. Yay!! Glad you are able to get the radiation done (safely). Only 6 1/2 weeks to go sweetie :)

    1. You're always so positive. ;) You're right. 6.5 weeks in the scheme of things is NOTHING if it will buy me more time with my family and friends.

  2. Hi Angela ,

    I am so happy to read that finally and hopefully your going back to normal life "cancer Free"my sister start her battle today she has her surgery this noon time Philippine time. We have reorganise everything for her. My older sister has to gave up her work her in Cambodia to go back to manila to look after her during this time of her journey to breast cancer.

    best of luck to you and your family.
    I follow your blog every post you have.


    myfurryplace from cambodia

    1. Still thinking about your sister. How is she doing?

  3. Are your appointments in the Piper building? That's where our odyssey started, too, on the top floor at the perinatology office! So glad you feel in good hands there ... we LOVE Abbott! And let me know if you want company to one of your appointments ... I know the drive in my sleep :)

    1. My regular appointments are in Piper. My radiation is in the building right behind it. Free parking! :)

      I really love everything about Abbott. I have not met one person that seemed incompetent or grouchy in all of the time I have spent there.

      My whole radiation only takes 20 minutes per day, so I can handle that on my own. I would love to catch you for a play date, lunch or dinner though! <3