Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A whole lot of nothing!

My drains are putting out what they should be FINALLY, so I think we're on track to have them taken out on Friday. Houston is trying his damndest to yank them out before then. He keeps me on my toes. In his sweet little mind, the fluid in the drains is cancer and he wants no part of it.
I don't blame him. My littles sure have learned a lot about the c-word since August. I can't wait until the day he tells all of his friends that his mom has new big boobs instead of cancer. :)

It's been nine days since my surgery and my mom is heading back to SD tomorrow. All good things must come to an end. She spent today packing. It gave me a 'trial day' to see if I could handle my kids alone post-surgery.
I was a little sore, a little tired, but we all managed. The kids were actually pretty easy on me. I'm hopeful this is a new trend.

I now know that anything I plan to feed the kids has to be on the 1st and 2nd shelves of the pantry and fridge, since I can't raise my arms. Thank goodness my kids are fans of cereal, grilled cheese, jarred peaches and cottage cheese. :)

I forgot to post some pics from the days right after surgery.

Here are the signs I was welcomed home by:

My wonderful niece, Cheyanne, made this fabulous sign for me once we got the all clear on the pathology report.
Yes, she's wayyyy too young to write ASS. We will let it slide since she asked her dad's permission first. Love that girl!

The most fabulous woman ever took the day off from her job as a social worker to babysit my kids for the entire day of surgery. She even came equipped with art supplies.
The kids are still asking for Jodi to come back to "do art and play phones."
I will never be able to thank you enough, Jodi!

Here's me in all of my hotness. I have no idea which day this was. I may or may not be wearing the same exact outfit right now.
Don't hate on my XXXXL old lady robe. The recommended zip up flannel robe options for post mastectomies are very limited.
I made myself a drain holder by using my dusting mitt to stuff my three bags in. That's some Pinterest shit, right there. ;)

Here's a different pic of my drains. Gross, right? Check out the fancy safety pins. :)
The pants may be even worse than the drains. They, too, have become a staple this week.

I have to write down my outputs daily.

I also kept a little med chart so I could make sure my caretakers remembered to keep me drugged at all times.
Yes, for all you eagle-eyes, I did take a stool softener for a few days. No, for all you nosy people, they didn't work. Ha!

Small things like this crack me up.
Six months ago, I wouldn't have in a million years even posted a pic on Facebook that I hadn't first used to take 5 lbs off, add highlights to my hair or whiten my teeth.
I now openly (and often!) post pics of me sans make up, a little chunkier than I would like and with no hair, eyebrows or lashes. I also post the frequency of my stool softener usage.
Insanity, I tell you!

I would like to think that once I'm back to full on health, I might splash on a little lipstick and mascara, for old times sake. Paraben-free, of course!

Whew. I feel so much better getting this all typed out and off my oddly shaped chest. You know this blog is more for me than for you, right? ;)

Have a good one!


  1. BAHAHAHA! You are frickin' hilarious!!! I HAVE to share this on Facebook! :D hahahaha!

    1. Of course you do! Thanks for being so supportive, Michelle. :)

  2. Love it!~your kids are so fun loving and smiley it was fun to spend the day with them-I think they have a very good mommy and daddy because they are awesome! Let me know when I can come again :)

  3. What a smart little man! As always you are beautiful! I don't think you could look bad if you tried.

  4. Hi Angela,

    I come across your blog all the way from cambodia. Im so happy to see you in this blog so alive and positive and energetic.
    My sister just diagnose with breast cancer stage 3 last 2 weeks ago and it gaves me sleepless nights. She has 3 kids and so not update of what to do and what to expect. Im been sending her kids reading materials to be prepared for the next things to happened including your blog . I ask her to follow. God Bless you and keep better and keep smiling. Warm hugs from Cambodia

  5. Cambodia? Wow! I'm so sorry your family has been touched by cancer. If you need ANYTHING for your sister, please email me.
    Just tell her to keep the faith. If she can keep mentally strong, God will take care of the rest. Prayers to your family!