Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1st Day of Radiation

It went really well.
I still can't really lie on my back very well because of the pain from the tissue expanders, so today was a little tough.
We did more scans to make sure the radiation will be the most effective on possible bad cells without damaging the good cells.

This appointment was 80 minutes. Future radiation appointments will be 20 minutes.
The commute for the appointments will take 3x longer than the appointments themselves.

The radiology team gave me some cream to use if I have any reddening of the skin. Of course, it contains parabens, so I will be finding an alternative to use.

So far, nothing looks or feels different. I was told that I will notice fatigue before I notice any skin issues.
I'm staying positive that I won't have ANY of the side effects.
A girl can dream, right?
Only 31 more treatments left!


  1. Are you kidding me? They gave you a cream WITH Parabens in it? Good golly miss molly that's terrible! Shame on them! So happy to hear you are looking to something else. Sorry to hear you are having pain laying down.

  2. I hope radiation goes by quickly and you get by with minimal side effects. I didn't burn until the last 2 treatments and had minor fatigue. I used Lindi lotion (not sure if it is paraben free) but it worked great. I applied right after treatment, around dinner time and right before bed.