Thursday, February 9, 2012

She REALLY liked my hair.

Those of you who are facebook friends with me may have saw my status update about the nice lady who walked by me at radiation yesterday morning and "liked my hair."

Did she REALLY like my hair? If so, why? There's hardly anything there.
Did I make her uncomfortable and those are the words that just spewed out?

Either way, I was hoping I would run into her today...and I did.
At radiation, you become a little family. We all go everyday at the same time. We chat before our treatments while drinking some hospital coffee. That lady, I found out today, ends her radiation right before I start in the morning.

She came up to me in the lobby today on her way out and asked how long it took for my hair to grow to this length and be full.
She was so sweet. She went on to mention that she was still bald from chemo and wouldn't dream of going without her wigs. She's counting the days until she can look like me.
I'm counting with her. It wasn't very long ago that my head was as smooth as a baby's bottom also.

It was just another reminder that I should be thankful for the sparse amount of hair I DO have.
I am. I don't wear wigs anymore, except for school events for Karsyn.
I can even spike it up into a little faux-hawk like my boys. It feels thicker and looks darker daily.
Last night was the first night in a LONG time that I REALLY towel dried my hair after my shower.
Normally, I do a little blot because the little hair I did have would come out if I rubbed it too hard. This time, not a single hair came out on my towel. :)

Here are some pics I took of my hair at my Herceptin infusion yesterday afternoon. Progress!


  1. First time commenter who just wants to say, the lady was right, you look beautiful. Although we don't know each other you are in my prayers.