Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parabens are NOT for me.

When I went to radiation yesterday, I gave back the cream they gave me the first day.
I explained that I would rather not use anything that is thought to CAUSE cancer to treat my finally cancer-free body.
The nurses nodded and we started the treatment.

After my treatment was done, a different nurse handed me a tube of Miaderm. She explained that their office is in the process of phasing out the old lotions and they would love if I would use this new paraben-free product that they will be switching to.
The best part is that Miaderm was developed by Radiation Oncologists.
I'm so excited that the office will be soon distributing paraben-free products to their patients!

So far, I just have a little pink area by my incision on my left breast. The skin is so thin there that I knew that would be the first place I would notice discoloration. It's not sore and doesn't feel like a sunburn yet.
I have been putting the Miaderm on about 4x per day and saturating the area with Coconut oil 3x per day.
I'm really staying hopeful that I can keep my skin hydrated so I won't have some of the bad skin effects from the radiation that I have heard about.


  1. Hope the new lotion helps :) IT is INSANE that they were using a product containing parabens.

  2. That's great about the lotion change!!! Look at you changing the world :)