Friday, April 27, 2012

Get your wallet!

Again, my friends have proven how awesome they are.

It's Susan G. Komen Walk for a Cure time. My friends live all over the United States, so it's impossible for them all to walk with me. Instead, they spent countless hours putting together a fundraiser raffle for me, for the organization and for YOU.

For anyone who has been touched by cancer... or may some day be, we need this money more than you could ever imagine.

We need a cure. We need more birthdays. We need more time with our kids and grandkids.
We need money for research.

PLEASE consider donating. ANY amount is appreciated and ANY amount helps.

It's tax deductible and my friends have donated some fantastic raffle prizes. Have I mentioned how wicked talented and wonderful they are?

Here's the blog with more information on the prizes and how to donate.
Thank you for your consideration!

We would love if you would share this link with everyone. Post about it on your blog, share it with your facebook friends, tell your neighbors! :)


  1. Just visited the raffle site - very cool! Donated and will spread the word. Keep us posted on the moles....I am curious because I just had one removed from my leg and it was super deep and classified as a pre-melanoma marker called a dysplastic neavus. Thanks as always for sharing your inspiring story.

    1. Thanks for your support, Kate!

      I'm so glad you had your mole checked out. Scary stuff!