Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Day......Another Scan

Today, I received my first bone density scan.
It will check to see if I have osteoporosis or weak bones.

It was super easy. I didn't even have to hold my breath. :)

I read a study a few months back about Zometa being infused in patients with good results.

According to the article, researchers gave young women Zometa to "prevent complications and relapses" from breast cancer, and got "impressive" results, says Marilynn Marchione atUSA Today.

One factor, say researchers, may have something to do with how Zometa strengthens bones. This effectively makes it "tougher for cancer to spread there," says Marchione. It's also possible that Zometa might have "direct effects against circulating cancer cells or microscopic tumors," although more research is needed on that point.

 The part that peaked my attention was this:

The patients were found to have a 37 percent lower risk of death. That means that "4 to 5 more women out of every 100 were alive seven years later." SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!

I should have the results of the scan in about 3 days. At that point, I will start persuading Dr. Hartung about why I want to be on yet another drug.
The infusion is every 6 months for 3 years. 
I wish I could start it today.

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