Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Know Your WHOLE Body...not just your boobs.

I have had a few skin cancer scares in the past.
Last year, one of my skin biopsies came back as Basal Cell Carcinoma. It's a common skin cancer, but treatable if found early.

Since then, I have had a few other suspicious spots frozen off with liquid nitrogen. Here are pics of the two I had zapped today. This pic is after the nitrogen.
I seriously need to save up for Botox. This is ridiculous.

The process burns a little- and afterwards, a blister forms. I had one on my forehead and neck this time. I had been watching these for a while, but the color change was concerning to me. Dr. Pakzad thought that these spots were probably pre-cancerous and liquid nitrogen would be a good treatment.

I also had one spot on my arm that was flesh colored, but had recently become bumpy and scaly. Here's a pic. It was small in diameter, but the recent change in the color and texture of it made me nervous.
When in doubt, consult a specialist!
Dr. Pakzad felt that this one very well could be cancerous, so he did a biopsy. I should have results within 10 days. If it is cancer, I will go back to have the rest of it cut out and burned/frozen.

I will have another body check the end of May.

This post isn't to gross you out. It's just a little reminder to apply that sunscreen liberally and often.

Also, if you have any moles that you think have changed in color or shape, please see a dermatologist. Melanoma can be deadly.


  1. With summer on its way, it is very important to treat your birthday suit with respect.
    Hope you don't mind me posting my take on this subject.
    I hope you're ok.....

  2. I was diagnosed with Melanoma almost a year ago, fortunately after a few go backs they were able to get a clear radius but it's really scary. I'm sorry you are having additional concerning spots, I inspect every inch of my skin now and am covered from head to toe when in the sun. I wish i had taken better care of myself in the earlier years. I wanted to echo your urging for others to stay on top of it and to take it seriously. My husband found my spot on my back and urged me to have it checked, i was reluctant but obviously glad I did. I hope your biopsy comes back non-cancerous. So glad you are doing great on your road to recovery!